What we do

Far East Interlink is the company that introduced a Yemeni Cuisine and arab groceries in Langkawi Kedah. We also produced the best Yemeni Cuisine in Langkawi and was the first to introduce Yemeni dishes like Salta, Zurbian and Haneeth to public. Besides Langkawi, we also got few other branches of Hadramawt Restaurant in KLIA2, Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru and SOGO Shopping Complex KL

Since its operation in February 2007, Far East Interlink has gained strong popularity in the Arabic restaurant market and business has grown ever since. To support its growth, latest product was introduced is frozen food was started in Makkah outlet at September 2018. The spacious restaurant is able to serve 100 pax at onetime. The restaurant reputation originates from strict food quality control and excellent service traditions. Food served in Hadramawt Restaurant will taste the same whenever you visit. This reflects the top-notch ingredients we use and the stringent standard operating procedures in kitchen.

Our Products

In our restaurant, we serve about 100 different types of Arabic cuisine ranging from Appetizers, Rice, Barbecues, Seafood, Yemeni specialties and Desserts. In our catering business, we have the capacity to serve up to 100 pax for a single event. We are also ready to serve 1000 meals daily upon request.

In addition, our groceries sells various Arab food products such as basmati rice, coffee, honey, dates, spices, cheese, olives and shisha products. We also introduce the latest products in September, such as frozen products like lamb,chickens and french fries. In fact, our stores are the focus of Arabian tourists as well as between he hotel and the locals.

Our Mission

  • Providing groceries from Arabs and frozen products that 100% halal to facilitate locals Muslim also foreign tourists and hotels in Langkawi to fulfill their needs.
  • To ensure that each customer receives prompt, friendly and excellent service.
  • To maintain a cleanliness, comfortable and high quality service for all customer.
  • To grow business throughout Langkawi and entire Malaysia by opening new branches.

Track Record (Catering Business)

Until now our restaurant has been controlling several catering services. Among them is preparing Ramadhan Buffets during the last fasting month. We managed to get a good response between Langkawi residents and tourists from the Arab world. Among the dignitaries who have visited our restaurant are Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Meet the team